Volunteer Engagement

The mission of the PSS Volunteer Services Program is to expand PSS’ ability to provide services, information, and support by fostering a culture of volunteerism within the organization.

Our goal is to be the premier volunteer program for those interested in impacting the lives of others.


PSS and Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers are a crucial part of nonprofit (any) organization. They not only bring needed extra hands but they bring their ideas, perspectives, beliefs, cultures, and “spheres of influence” to an organization. The work that volunteers can contribute to an organization is only limited by the creativity of the staff and prospective volunteer. PSS is committed to working within a culture of volunteerism: utilizing the skills and talents of all volunteers, creating a warm and safe place to serve, and appreciating the work and feedback of all volunteers.

PSS created an official Volunteer Services Program in 2013 because the organization acknowledged the importance of the impact of volunteers and the need to streamline the volunteer process. PSS was founded by volunteers and already worked with (mostly members) volunteers but the centers and programs were all doing their own thing. The new program has brought uniformity to the selection process, enabled PSS to track existing volunteers and their work, and document their impact on client services.

With a small staff and lots of volunteers, we are able to deliver an abundance of outstanding programs and services to the community. Volunteers work directly with the staff or clients and are considered to be an integral part of the team. They may be included in training, informational sessions, and meetings that pertain to their volunteer assignment. Volunteers should expect to give the same careful attention to assignments as a paid employee. Each volunteer is expected to act as a positive ambassador for PSS’s programs and services. Our volunteers help promote positive images of aging, caregiving, and kinship youth and young adults. They also demonstrate accurate representations of PSS throughout the community.