PSSLife! University

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Be Healthy, Engaged and Connected

What is it?

PSSLife! University is a complete program designed to keep you healthy, engaged and connected… for life! Members complete 10 courses, 48 activities, and volunteer at least 30 hours to “graduate”. These classes and activities include everything from Diabetes Prevention to Zumba to Music Appreciation. Just 3 or 4 hours a week and participants graduate having all the information, skills and resources they need to age successfully.

Why should you join?

PSSLife! University is fun and rewarding. More importantly, participants will be healthier, more engaged and better connected. They will be recognized as a member of a select group of “alumni” – people who embrace lifelong learning. Benefits of membership include:

  • A “welcome kit” that includes a T-shirt, water bottle and other special items
  • First preference for certain special courses and activities
  • Public recognition at the center and a special graduation event at the end of each year
  • Opportunity to attend exclusive “alumni-only” events
  • Active participants and alumni will received special discounts for certain events
  • A framed Certificate of Graduation
  • Recognized as a leader amongst your peers
  • Sense of personal accomplishment for something you are already doing!


Upon completion of the entire program, participants will be recognized through:

  • Annual Graduation Luncheon/Awards Ceremony
  • Framed Certificate of Completion
  • Special graduation items (e.g., T-shirt, framed photo, etc.)
  • Invitation to be a PSSLife! University Alumni Ambassador
  • Recognition at the Center through newsletters, announcements, and a posted graduate roll


Participants complete three tracks to graduation


Complete ALL of the following CORE courses (approx. 46 hours):

  • DFTA’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Course (15 hours)
  • DFTA’s Nutrition Education Course (15 hours -ten 90 minute sessions through NY Cares)
  • Matter of Balance Falls Prevention Course (8 sessions/16 hours)

Participate in at least 2 EXERCISE sessions per week (Tai Chi, Zumba, Line Dancing, etc.)

Complete at least 24 sessions attending any HEALTH-related workshop or presentation at the Center (hygiene, stress management, eye health, healthy eating, etc.).


Complete ALL of the following CORE courses:

  • Personal Safety (1 hour)
  • Explore Your Future (8 hours)
  • Advocacy 101 (Your rights and how to protect them) (1 hour)
  • Disaster Preparedness (1 hour)


Complete at least 24 sessions attending any ENGAGED-related workshop or presentation at the Center (i.e. English as a second language, Music Appreciation, Photography, Art Classes, Poetry, Book Club, Current Events Discussion Group, etc.)


Complete ALL of the following CORE Sessions:

  • One Entitlements/Benefits Assessment by staff (1 hour)
  • Savvy Saving Seniors Courses (three 1 hour sessions)
  • Basic First Aid (2 hours)
  • One computer course (or a minimum of 4 computer-related classes – average is 10 one hour)
  • Complete at least 30 hours of Volunteering at the Center or another pre-approved organization