PSSLife! University

What is PSSLife! University?

PSSLife! University is an 8-month-long program designed to keep members healthy, engaged, and connected… for life! Members maximize upon the gift of longevity as they complete educational classes, exercise, and volunteer to “graduate”. Classes include topics ranging from financial fitness to healthy relationships to nutrition. Just a few hours a week will provide participants information, skills, and resources they need for healthy aging.

Why should I join?

PSSLife! University not only rewards participants by helping them to be healthier, more engaged, and better connected – it’s fun! Graduates will be recognized as part of a select group of “alumni”—people who embrace lifelong learning. Benefits of membership include:

  • Gaining the tools for aging well
  • Developing many different sustainable behaviors that lead to better health, economic security, social connectedness, and overall well-being
  • Enjoying first preference for Aging Mastery Program courses and other PSSLife! University activities
  • Gaining eligibility to win prizes throughout the year
  • Creating a sense of personal accomplishment

Milestones and Graduation Requirements:

Milestones are the individual components that are required to graduate from PSSLife! University including:

  • 5 Monthly Challenges
  • 7 Aging Mastery Program classes
  • 20 Volunteer Hours
  • 50 Exercise Classes

Celebrations and Graduation:

After completing each milestone, members will receive a certificate of completion, special recognition at his or her center, and eligibility to win a special prize. After all milestones are completed, members will be ready to graduate! Graduation includes:

  • Invitation to a special graduation luncheon/awards ceremony
  • Graduation certificate
  • Special graduation gifts (e.g., T-shirt, coffee mug, etc.)
  • Public recognition by PSS through newsletters, announcements, and postings at centers
  • Recognition as a leader amongst your peers
  • Invitation to be a PSSLife! University Alumni Ambassador
  • Large sense of personal accomplishment

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Just talk to the director at a participating PSS center to complete the simple registration form. You may join the program at any time during the year, though early registration is recommended as it gives you more time to complete the program and graduate.

With PSSLife! University, you can stay healthy, engaged and connected:

  • Attend 10 different NCOA Aging Mastery Program Classes
  • Participate in 50 exercise classes
  • Complete 20 hours of volunteering
  • Participate in 5 Monthly Challenges
  • Win prizes, graduate, and stand out amongst your peers

Click here to learn what is required for graduation.