2016 Maggie Kuhn Awards

The 2016 Maggie Kuhn Awards Reception was once again a huge success with over 100 people in attendance enjoying great company and great food. If you were able to join us, thank you for your generous support and take a look at the photo portfolio below to find yourself. If you missed the reception or just want an “instant replay” click here to enjoy a video of the entire program.


Left to right Joan Davis (Gray Panthers NYC), Betty C. Jones, Jack Kupferman (Gray Panthers NYC), Cynthia O’Neal and Cynthia Burke (Friends In Deed)

Thank You to Our Maggie Kuhn Supporters

Joan L. and Reade H. Ryan, Jr.


Martha M. Ferry
First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York
Richard and Susan Korchak
Margaret L. McClure
Elizabeth and Jerome Schneewind

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Joan and Franklin Green
Rev. Gregory L. Johnson
Betty C. Jones
David Taylor and Clifford Flanders
Brad and Rene Wolfer

Rev. Dr. Joseph C. Cameron
Diane Drewery
Saul Kravecas
LiveOn NY
Metro Management Development, Inc.
Carmen Morano, Ph.D.
Glenn Muscosky and Heather Mee
Arthur and Natalia Ritter
Nancy and Robert Sellar
Lisa Sisenwein
Ellsworth George Stanton III MBE

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2015 Maggie Kuhn Awards

The 2015 Maggie Kuhn Awards Reception has come and gone but we will have these wonderful memories from the event.  Check out the photos and see if you know anyone or maybe even spot yourself. If you’re interested in the Maggie Kuhn Awards you can contact us to find out more information about the event.


Our honorees left to right are Thomas Kamber, Sheila Warnock, Laura Jervis (award accepted by Laura Tavormina) and David Taylor