Self-Care is Not Selfish: 5 Ways to Help Take Better Care of Yourself

  • 1 - Care for Yourself

    Caring for yourself is one of the most important things. Often it is the most forgotten - especially when you are a caregiver. It is okay to take a break and regularly reminding yourself that self-care is important.

  • 2 - Personal Barriers

    It is common for individuals to feel stressed, guilty or engage in negative self-talk when caring for a loved one. Negative self-talk can be defined as putting yourself down or not believing you are doing enough. These feelings are examples of personal barriers that can get in the way of self-care. Ask yourself what behaviors or thoughts get in the way for you? Identifying these barriers is the first step to making a positive change.

  • 3 - Setting Goals

    Setting goals for yourself is a positive way to keep yourself on track with self-care. Planning and accomplishing a goal creates positive energy that can provide a relief from caregiving. Whether it be as small as taking a cooking class or as large as taking a trip, making time for oneself is a great way to ensure you can be the best caregiver that you can be.

  • 4 - Reducing Stress

    Often people feel stress when they think they have no control. One can experience control in different situations, especially when it comes to caregiving. As a caregiver, it is important to remember you can only change yourself… not others. Identifying what you can and cannot change can help reduce stress and give back a sense of control.

  • 5 - Finding Support Network

    Having a strong support network to confide in is an integral part of being a successful caregiver. During difficult times, leaning on friends, family, or healthcare professionals can alleviate stress and serve as a form of self-care. In addition, a support network can assist in developing new skills to further empower caregivers.

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