“I needed help and didn’t know where to turn when I heard about PSS through the Montefiore Medical House Call Program. After I joined PSS Circle of Care, I could pick up the phone anytime I needed to talk… PSS was always there for me in a timely manner. The staff were extremely well informed and responsive.On a scale of 1 – 10, my level of comfort with the staff — make it a 12! On my home visit, my mom and I were received with warmth and respect. I would absolutely refer other Caregivers to the program … so far I have referred three!”

Care Consultant Jacqueline Gioia reports: “One of my caregivers whose mother has dementia told me ‘You are a Godsend.’ Another caregiver told the Social Worker from Caring Kind who referred her to PSS Circle of Care that she appreciated that I did not rush her and that I actually took the time to listen to her. When I met with this caregiver she was depressed; when I left she said that she felt so happy. 

In my experience so far, caregivers are both relieved and surprised to hear that PSS Circle of Care is truly a caregiver support. They are used to agencies providing support to their loved ones and are surprised that we are here to relieve their stress and attend to their needs while serving in the caregiver role. Many caregivers aren’t aware of the resources and services available to them or how to access them. As Care Consultants, we are able to connect caregivers to the services that they need and provide them with information and resources they need immediately. We are also to serve as an additional member of their support network by being available to them to talk through problems they are facing. When my clients were unsure of what to do next, they expressed their gratitude at having a PSS Circle of Care Care Consultant as a member of their support system.

En mi experiencia hasta ahora, los cuidadores se sienten aliviados y sorprendidos al escuchar que Círculo de Cuidado de PSS constituye un verdadero apoyo para los cuidadores. Ellos están acostumbrados a agencias que proporcionan apoyo a sus seres queridos y se sorprenden que nosotros estemos aquí para mitigar su estrés y para satisfacer sus necesidades mientras ellos se desempeñan en su papel de cuidadores. Muchos de ellos desconocen los recursos y servicios que se encuentran a su disposición o cómo pueden acceder a ellos. En nuestro rol como Asesores de Cuidados, podemos vincular a los cuidadores con los servicios que necesitan y podemos proporcionarles información y recursos que necesitan en forma inmediata. También, los ayudamos como miembros adicionales de su red de apoyo al estar disponibles para conversar con ellos sobre los problemas que enfrentan. Cuando mis clientes estaban inseguros del próximo paso a seguir, expresaron su gratitud al tener como miembro de su sistema de apoyo a un Asesor de Cuidado de Círculo de Cuidado de PSS.

“I didn’t know where to turn. The information that you gave me helped my mother receive the care she so desperately needed.”

 “Caregiving on a family is tough, any help you can give me is welcomed.”

“PSS Circle of Care has lead me down a path to sanity.” 

“I didn’t know how much support I truly needed or how burdened until receiving support from PSS Circle of Care.” 

“PSS Circle of Care is a wonderful program. Their cooperation has been excellent and their efforts in assisting me in caring for my husband have been remarkable.” 

“PSS Circle of Care’s support team members are attentive listeners, informative, and easy to speak to. I now have time for myself with respite services for my dad.” 

“Thank God for caseworker Diana King and PSS Circle of Care which guided me when I was a caregiver and are wonderful.”

“I don’t know if I am typical but because of David’s dementia developed slowly, over a period of 15 years, I thought I had everything under control. I soon learned that I had very little under control and the support of the PSS Caregivers Staff and Diana was a dream come true. Diana was always there with advice, guidance and home-care help. Though I am no longer David’s caretaker I am still on the mailing list for the newsletter and monthly calendar and still connected. In fact Diana is still there offering specific help and/or counseling. Thank you all – I would not have made it without you.”


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