Contact and Location

For information on our services for caregivers, to inquire about hosting a Circle of Care Station, or for more information on how we can help your clients, members or employees who are struggling with caregiving responsibilities call our Bilingual Toll-Free Hotline at (866) 665-1713 or fill out the contact us form.

Sonja Shute, MSW, Clinical Services Manager 
Tel: 646-918-6123 
Cell: (917) 734-6428
Fax: 646-649-5911

Julissa Sosa, MSW, Director, Family and Kinship Caregiver Services and Latino Initiative

Tel: 917-801-4488 x23
Cell: 917-734-5457
Fax: 718-620-1267

Many Caregivers don’t know that help is available out there. Caregivers may not identify themselves as caregivers or don’t realize there are others out there in the same boat. PSS Circle of Care helps address these issues by going into various communities to promote and implement supportive services. This allows our services to be more accessible to the Caregivers and helps increase caregiving awareness.

Circle of Care Stations are located throughout
the five boroughs of New York City.

To find a station near you, please call our
Bilingual Toll-Free Hotline: 1 (866) 665-1713


Circle of Care Alzheimer Disease Caregivers Services


Abigail Caraballo, Program Assistant

Tel: 646-918-6123

Fax: 646-649-5911


Tiana Black, Care Consultant

Cell: 917-734-1244


Staymon Braithwaite, Care Consultant

Cell: 917-734-9345



Jacqueline Gioia, Care Consultant

Cell: 917-885-5745


Christina DeSantis, Care Consultant

Cell: 917-841-6240


Shaina Jacques, Outreach Coordinator



Jennifer Sanchez, Care Consultant



Jessica Silvers, Care Consultant



Sheryl Quiatchon, Care Consultant



Chidi Chizor, Care Consultant



Tyrone McLamb, Outreach Coordinator

Cell: 917-841-5949


Nelly Ball, Program Assistant

Tel: 718-585-1640

Fax: 718-585-1703


Circle of Care Family Caregivers Services

325 East 156th Street, Bronx, NY 10451


Julissa Sosa, MSW, Director Latino Initiative

Tel: 917-801-4488 x 23

Cell: 917-734-5457

Fax: 917-801-4496


Diana King, Care Consultant

Tel:917-631-8699 x 22


Karen O’Savio, Care Consultant

917-631-8699 x 23


Jacqueline Delgado, Program Assistant

Tel: 917-631-8699 x 20

Fax: 718-585-1703


Circle of Care Kinship Caregiver Services

951 Prospect Avenue, Bronx, NY 10459


Lenora Walker, Care Consultant

Tel: 917-801-4488 x 28

Cell: 917-734-2220

Fax: 917-801-4496


Naa Dei Nikoi Amasa, Care Consultant

Cell: 917-734-8431


Damond Haynes, Youth Services Coordinator

Tel: 917-801-4488 x 25

Fax: 917-801-4496


Collin Wolfer, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Tel: 917-801-4488 x 21

Fax: 917-801-4496