Training Day for PSS Circle of Care Staff

Click here to join Silver Dawn Training Institute’s training day with PSS Circle of Care.  Staff learned how to create connections and simplify communication for the person living with dementia using the tools of “improv” comedy and empathy.

Care Consultant Christina Madera is Passionate About Her Work

Christina Madera is passionate about what she does as a PSS Circle of Care Outreach Coordinator. In this informative interview she describes our completely FREE services and eligibility. “We don’t look at finances or immigration status. All we need to know is that you are caring for  loved one who may or may not have […]

Empowerment Health Goals for 2018

Empowerment Health Goals For 2018 from JANUARY 6, 2018 “Good health and good sense are two of the greatest blessings,” wrote Publilius Syrus, a Latin mime author who lived 85-43 BC. He was known for his witty and wise aphorisms. This simple statement seemed to resonate with me as I ponder what if any […]

Policy Alert: Senate Passes RAISE Family Caregivers Act

Last night, the Senate passed the bipartisan Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Act (S. 1028/H.R. 3759). The RAISE Act was initially passed by the Senate in September of last year, and was then passed by the House of Representatives in December. Now that the Senate has passed the consolidated version of […]