Communicating with Your Parent’s Doctor

Communicating with Your Parent’s Doctor Posted On 24 Mar 2017 By : Kimberley Fowler Despite the several checks and balances that are in place across our healthcare system, the fact remains that ensuring a strong continuum of care for your family member, parent or spouse is an important responsibility for every caregiver Learn more about […]

6 Major Risks Arising from the Growing #Dementia Crisis @LamsonAndCutner

By Cynthia Kuster There’s a saying: “No good deed goes unpunished.”  For better and for worse, that applies to America’s aging population.  Due to better health habits, better diets, and the growing ability of medicine to treat physical ailments, people are living longer – often, much longer – than they did even one generation ago.  […]

@APlaceForMom Tips for Understanding your #Aging Parents

Although it goes by at the same pace it always has, as we age, time feels more fleeting. That’s why, when it comes to your aging parents, it’s important to take the necessary time to really understand them, not as your parents, but as the person they are and the person they have become. Although many adult children […]

The New Face of #Caregiver Support @FAPCNYC

The New Face of Caregiver Support Christina DeSantis is the new social worker working on site at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church to support caregivers in our community. Christina DeSantis Christina recently joined the staff of Presbyterian Senior Services, an FAPC mission partner. Last year FAPC became part of PSS’s Circle of Care program, which was […]

Repetitive Questions and Learning How to Communicate Effectively with a Person Living with #Dementia @BobdeMarco @Alzheimersread

 One thing that drives Alzheimer’s caregivers crazy is repetitive questions and repetitive behavior. It is clear to me that a large fraction of patients with Alzheimer’s disease ask the same questions over and over. I understand how disconcerting this can be — I experienced it first hand, and I know how it feels. It took […]

The Gifts of Age: Fulfilling Our Dreams by Harry R. Moody

The Gifts of Age: Fulfilling Our Dreams Harry R. Moody, Creative Longevity and Wisdom Program Fielding Graduate University Helen Luke, a renowned psychotherapist in the tradition of Carl Jung, kept a detailed record of her dreams over the course of her life, a record documented in her autobiography, Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On. […]

How to Improve a Parent’s Life with #Dementia @TogetherNThis

By Mike Good Everyone needs enrichment and purpose in their life – it’s what keeps us happy and intrigued with life. By and large, we can create this for ourselves. But when someone has Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, at some point, they will need others to help them maintain enrichment and purpose on a […]