Daughters Will Suffer From Medicaid Cuts – New York Times Opinion Piece

The Opinion Pages | EDITORIAL Daughters Will Suffer From Medicaid Cuts By THE EDITORIAL BOARD JUNE 15, 2017 CreditMaggie Chiang Nearly one in five adult children at some point provide care for at least one elderly parent, according to a new study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The burden is particularly demanding for daughters, who spend as […]

Dying with Dementia and Unnecessary Care

This discussion and research on Dying with Dementia and the unnecessary care that often accompanies the late stages of dementia is worth discussing and considering.   By Alzheimer’s Reading Room This topic is often overlooked and avoided until it is too late. I believe these issues should be considered, and when possible, discussed in support groups. This […]

Caregiver Stress Syndrome: What’s Different for Men

Different pitfalls, and different benefits for male caregivers By Paula Spencer Scott, Caring.com Author     If you’re a man who’s caring for an ailing loved one — wife, mother, father, grandparent — consider yourself warned. You’re vulnerable to some different experiences from your female counterparts, just by virtue of being a guy. And these have […]

How to Manage Medications for Better Alzheimer’s Care

Managing medications is at the top of the caregiving responsibilities list. Without proper attention, the consequences can be hazardous to your loved one’s health. It is a daunting task that includes filling prescriptions, adherence to medication schedules, observing outcomes, logging pertinent data, investigative research, and communication with all care partners. What are medications (what are […]

You are what you think. How you think and the thoughts you think determine how you feel, perceive the world, and act. You control your brain.

By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer’s Reading Room There is a continuum of Alzheimer’s caregiving that runs from Burden to Joy. Can how you think affect your Alzheimer’s caregiving effort? Can how you act effect your caregiving effort? Can how you talk and the words you use effect your caregiving effort? Can how you speak to a person living with […]

10 Tips to Help You Cope with Dementia-related Sundowning

  Editor’s Note: The term “Sundowning” is sometimes used as a negative label which can be damaging to the care provided, and results in unjust stereotyping. This contributes to approaches to care that focus on weakness rather than strength, illness rather than wellness, and victims rather than whole persons. It’s important, as the author states, […]