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We understand that caregiving isn’t easy. Caring for a loved one is a rewarding experience, but if caregivers don’t get the help they need or don’t take care of themselves, caregiving stress can affect their own health and well-being and lead to burnout.  this is especially true for those caring for a loved one with dementia where chronic stress is associated with poor physical, psychological and emotional health.

Circle of Care is here to make it easier for you by providing support services that help you  manage caregiving stress, including feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, angry, exhausted,or even physically ill, as well as experiencing financial worries due to caregiving expenses or fear of job loss.

Circle of Care recognizes, respects and values your role as a caregiver.  We’re here to help you meet your challenges, and we’ll do all we can to assist you in caring for your loved one.

If you do ANY of the following for a loved one, YOU are a family caregiver:

  • Provide unpaid assistance with tasks of daily living
  • Offer emotional support and ensure a loved one’s safety 
  • Frequently check up on your loved one by telephone or in person
  • Provide transportation for medical appointments, shopping or recreation
  • Shop for food and/or prepare meals
  • Pay bills and attend to other financial matters
  • Act as an advocate and access resources
  • Help with household chores and repairs
  • Coordinate medical care, monitor and/or administer medications

Recognizing that you are a caregiver is the first step toward receiving the support you need and deserve.

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  • Our staff provide care consultation to family caregivers at our Circle of Care Stations throughout NYC or in the client’s home
  • Information and referral – answers to your questions when you need them
  • Caregiver Support Groups available in person, by phone and online
  • Training and online resources for caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias
  • Assistance with vital benefits and entitlements
  • Referrals for temporary respite (e.g., in-home care, adult day services) and supplemental services (assistive devices, health supplies, transportation, etc.)
  • Bilingual support including Circulo de Cuidado, a Spanish language blog providing resources, timely articles, and other items

Are your clients, members or employees struggling with caregiving responsibilities?

Is your organization interested in hosting a Circle of Care Station?

Circle of Care offers expert consulting and training on caregiving and related issues.  Please call our hotline or email us at to discuss how we can help or fill out the contact us form on this page.


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