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Sometimes it is easy to overlook the importance that socialization and interaction with peers, specifically people who are not family members, has on the health of a human being.  Social isolation is a prominent cause of anxiety, stress, paranoia and depression.  When for the majority of the time, people feel any of those emotions, the impact can be very debilitating for someone’s health.  When people reach a certain age, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to be active members in society.  Being involved with community and taking part in daily routine that give people chances for interaction with each other is a component of living that most people are conditioned to for the majority of their lives.  When time slows down, as people age, many times they don’t have as frequent of an opportunity to engage in socialization, even at the basic level, such as walking to the store, going to the bank, going grocery shopping or enjoying leisure activities.   This impact this has on people can negatively impact their health and their mental well-being.

The reason that people aren’t able to go out into the community and participate in society is because safety is a major issue and often elders or people experiencing cognitive impairment need assistance and supervision.  Social Day Programs, such as ACT, present an excellent option for families, both the participant and the caretakers, who do indeed spend a majority of their time ensuring the health and safety of loved one.  The caregiver gets a break to give attention to their own life and the participant has an opportunity to get out into society, interact with peers and be involved in engaging group activities.

At ACT, we provide people who need extra assistance the opportunity to participate in a schedule of activities that promote wellness, self – confidence, independence and safety at the highest possible levels.  People come to ACT to have a place they can express their energy, have a good time, make friends and be guided in positive programing that help people feel they are involved in something beneficial and meaningful that makes their day have purpose.  Social Day Programs are an excellent atmosphere where people can have fun and where the staff will assist the participant with all levels of care.  Just because someone is getting older, even when independent abilities decline, there should be an opportunity for all people to get out of their homes to feel good and be with friends.  ACT has a very well designed activity schedule that is led by group leaders who have a great skill in encouraging group participation. The participants enjoy the activities that are offered and they enjoy coming to a place where they have a chance to be active.

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Ann Marie Selfridge
ACT Care Group

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