Executive Director — Rimas J. Jasin, MA, MPA

Deputy Director — Katherine Martinez, LMSW

Finance Director — Barbara Hernandez

Director of Senior CentersAnya Metlitsky

Director of Community Outreach and DevelopmentShannon Barbuto

Circle of Care Latino InitiativeJulissa Sosa, MSW, Director

Circle of Care Alzheimer’s Disease Caregivers Michelle Laguerre, LMSW, Director

Staff and Volunteer Development — Kimberly Reid, Director

YASP Program and PSS Kinship Caregivers Support Program — Mario Bodden, Youth Services Manager

Communications Coordinator Susan Friedman

Digital Resources Coordinator — Kevin Boyette

Coming of Age CoordinatorPamela Ramsden

PSS Alberta Alston House — Stephanie Santana, Social Services Coordinator

PSS Andrew Jackson Center Arlene Rivera, MSW, Director

PSS City Island Center — Patricia Attis, Program Manager

PSS Davidson Center — Michele Chapple, MSW, MBA, Director

PSS Harlem Pelham Fritz Center — Jessica Vazquez, Center Manager

PSS Highbridge Center — Carlos Chasi, Director

PSS King TowersMelissa Torres, MS, Director

PSS Manhattanville Center — Tina Ashley, Director

PSS Morrisania Air Rights — Savannah Lilly, Program Coordinator

PSS Parkside Center — Liz Pizarro-Robinson, MS, Director

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