PSS was founded in 1962 when a small group of volunteers banded together to help care for older members of their church community. From modest beginnings, we have grown into a multi-service agency encompassing six senior centers, senior apartments, caregiver support programs, and the Grandparent Family Apartments, the first residence of its kind in the US built specifically for grandparents raising grandchildren. At root is the same basic principle that got us started: We believe seniors are an integral part of our community, and we will do all we can to keep them healthy, engaged and connected.

At PSS, we are passionate about providing high-quality human services to nurture and enhance the lives of those we care for. We pride ourselves on being a nimble and creative organization able to meet the changing needs of those we serve. We grow as needs grow by being effective problem solvers dedicated to building better communities.

In the fifty years since our founding, PSS has been making a difference in the lives of older adults, their families, and their communities. From those modest beginnings, as needs have grown and changed, we have grown and changed to become recognized leaders in the areas of senior services and caregiver support. Our multi-service agency now encompasses nine senior centers, two senior and intergenerational residences, an extensive network of Family and Kinship Caregiver Support Programs, and Coming of Age NYC programs designed to enhance the lives New Yorkers 50+.


Recent Developments:

PSS Circle of Care

PSS has been assisting family caregivers since 2003. Called Circle of Care, the emphasis is on creating a relationship with the caregiver and building their capacity to be better caregivers. As a result of a major grant from the NYS Department of Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program, PSS Circle of Care has added 15 new staff to serve families struggling to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. The key to Circle of Care’s success is that field staff are available and accessible anywhere – whether it’s through various Circle of Care Stations located in every borough or in the client’s home. This vital service has also been repackaged as Circulo de Cuidado for Spanish-speaking clientele, and PSS has started exploring developing initiatives in other languages common in NYC.PSS Circle of Care now helps several thousand New York City families in all five boroughs meet their caregiving challenges.

If you know somebody struggling to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, have them call 866-665-1713 or email careinfo@pssusa.org.

PSS Circle of Care program is supported by grants from the New York State Department of Health Alzheimer’s Disease Program and the NYC Department for the Aging.


New Centers

In 2016 PSS assumed the operation of three former NYCHA senior centers, increasing the number of centers we manage from six to nine. The three new centers are located at Manhattanville and King Towers in Harlem and Morrisania Air Rights in the Bronx, and join PSS Andrew Jackson, City Island, Davidson, Harlem Pelham-Fritz, Highbridge, and Parkside Centers. PSS also launched PSSLife! University, an innovative, comprehensive program with a university-style curriculum designed to keep older adults healthy, engaged and connected … for life! Center participants are encouraged to complete core courses in nutrition, computer use, disease management, arts and culture, falls prevention, etc. In addition, regular participation in exercise, social and volunteer activities assures that those who “graduate” are well equipped to successfully age in place.


Coming of Age

PSS has been leading Coming of Age NYC since 2011. A partnership of a number of local innovative nonprofit agencies, Coming of Age NYC offers workshops to assist older adults in thinking about what they want to do in their second half of life. It also provides training for nonprofits on how to better recruit and utilize Baby Boomer volunteers. Special presentations and networking socials also take place throughout the year. Highlights include the new series entitled “Living with Passion and Purpose: A Conversation with . . . “, commencing with a dialogue with entrepreneur Eileen Fisher. Coming of Age NYC also launched “Discover Your BEST Self: An Introduction to Explore Your Future”, an hour-long preview that demonstrates the transformational power of the full four-module Explore Your Future series. Coming of Age originated at Temple University in Philadelphia in 2002. In February of 2016, PSS assumed management of the national Coming of Age initiative, enabling PSS to continue this vital program and build communities of older adults throughout the country who want to live with passion and purpose.


PSS Chronological History

1962 – PSS is established as a corporation

1964 – PSS is approved as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

1970 – 23 Recreational Clubs in operation

1973 – Ft. Schuyler House built

1984 – PSS Alberta L. Alston House built

1990 – PSS Budget is $ 150,000 and has 3 employees

1992 – PSS Davidson Senior Center is established

1993 – PSS Andrew Jackson Senior Center is established

1993 – Board of Directors votes to commit PSS financial and personnel resources to the South Bronx

1995 – PSS Kinship Caregivers Support Program is formally established

1998 – In partnership with the West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, the PSS Board votes to build Grandparent Family Apartments 

2001 – New York City Housing agrees to lease land for GFA

2002 – New York State Division of Housing & Community Renewal awards grant to build GFA.

2003 – Construction begins for GFA

2003 – PSS Highbridge Senior Center is established

2003 – PSS Family Caregivers Support Program formally begins

2004 – PSS Parkside, PSS Harlem & PSS City Island Senior Centers established

2005 – The PSS/WSF Grandparent Family Apartments opens

2007 – PSS budget is approximately $2.8 million with about 38 employees

2008 – Filming of Grandmother To Grandmother documentary

2009 – David Taylor retires and Rimas Jasin is appointed Executive Director

2010 – PSS is awarded multi-year contract from DFTA to be the provider of Caregiver Services and Programs for the Bronx

2011 – PSS spearheads the establishment of Coming of Age NYC, a new initiative focusing on engaging the Baby Boomer generation

2012 – PSS Celebrates 50 Years of services to New York City’s older population

2013 – PSS Establishes Volunteer Services Program

2014 – PSS Launches Young Adult Success Program (YASP)

2015 – PSS begins management of two former NYCHA Centers — King Towers in Harlem and Morrisania Air Rights in the Bronx

2016 – PSS begins management of Manhattanville Center, launches PSSLife! University and assumes management of Coming of Age national initiative